CURATOR: SARAH O'KANE           |             M. 07777 691 050           |              |             @StAnnesLewes

Shells from Oman
oil on canvas 30 x 30cm


oll on canvas 46 x 62cm



Found in Wales
oil on canvas
35 x 35cm


The London Train
oil on canvas 42 x 60 cm


Second Sight
oil on canvas 38 x 48cm


Leaving the Siberian Forest
oil on canvas 46 x 62cm



Memories of a Colonial Past
oll on canvas 30 x 40cm



Love is not a straight-lined thing
acrylic on paper, mounted 457 x 54cm



Fluffy Goes to Hollywood
acrylic on paper, framed


Jo Lamb

Quirky narratives, charming visions and occasional bogeymen inhabit Jo Lamb’s unique pictorial world. Her vision can be moving in the way it strikes a long-forgotten chord in our memories but often makes us smile as well. Jo’s artworks are underpinned by observational drawing and explore colour, line and relations between objects in space. Recurring themes include toys, the circus, the fairground, childhood memories and beloved places such as Kenya, the Outer Hebrides and Hampstead.

Sarah O'Kane 2008

‘My work is nearly always about a deep love of colour and appreciation of the craft and making of a painting. Some paintings evolve over months, and some happen very quickly. One painting follows another, but they are always based on observational drawing made in the studio or somewhere outside. I consider them to be narrative works.’ Jo trained in painting at Byam Shaw School; in painting and textile design at Camberwell College (London Institute); and as an art teacher at Goldsmiths College, London.