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Brighton Pier at Dusk
oil on panel 28 x 35cm


Fountain at Saignon, Provence 2
oil on panel 40 x 30cm



Adelaide Crescent, Hove, 1
oil on linenl 36 x 46cm


Stranded Boat
oil on canvas 61 x 76cm



Chain Link Fence
oil on linen 36 x 46cm



The Beacht at Cuckmere, Mid-Morning
oil on linen 95 x 145cm



Silver Birches, Winter
oil on panel 61 x 46cm



Tree-Lined Track, Provence, Sunlight
oil on panel 30 x 23cm



Casole D'Elsa 6am
oil on panel 23 x 30cm


Street in Goult
oil on panel 36 x 28cm



The Albert Bridge from Chelsea Embankment, Afternoon
oil on canvas 61 x 76cm


The London Eye at Dusk
oil on canvas 61 x 76cm
Tom Benjamin

Born in 1967, Tom grew up near Lewes, within the South Downs. He trained at Brighton then Norwich School of Art. Tom is a plein air painter, and usually transports his artists' materials by bike.

‘The artist’s job is to make poetry out of the ordinary,’ he says. ‘I get to know the areas very well; every time I go back it’s like adding another layer of knowledge. Sometimes I am struck by something I get an emotional response from … It’s a continuous process of reproducing, improvising and altering my response. I am always surprised by what comes out.’

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